Welcome to PowerFarm Medicinals

Thanks for visiting Powerfarm. We grow or wildcraft  our organic herbs Our plant growing season begins in March for our annuals which include  Ashwagandha, Calendula, Cailifornia poppy,  St John’s wort, Spilanthes, Tulsi ,  and more  indoors under lights until time to transplant to our greenhouse and gardens. When the snow melts, we await the signs that our perennials have survived the  long cold rest and weed or mulch the young Arnica, Astragulus, Bee balm, Blue vervain, Echinacea, Hyssop,Lady’s mantle, Lemon balm, Marshmallow, Mugwort, Scullcap, and all  the wild medicinals growing on our farm!                                                                                                                                                                                                           My favorite springtime herb that welcomes the Bees doesn’t start under the lights but grows profusely everywhere and that, of course, is Taraxacum officionale (Dandelion) Offionale means it is an official medicine plants! All parts of this plant can be used, roots  nourish the liver, leaves help digestion and aid the kidneys, flowers ease joint pain and cramps, even the sap can be used on warts, pimples, sores and more.                                                                                                           From the incredible blessings of Gaia,  we tend our bounty throughout the summer until time to  harvest  the medicinal plants for  teas,  healing salves and potent tinctures  to keep our bodies and brains healthy!

My best wishes to happy, healthy you!

 Carol Power, Owner, Power Farm Herbals