Herbal Salve Accelerates Healing of Rashes and Small Wounds

My interest in natural herbal healing became more focused, when I found how effective a “home made” salve could be.

A friend was visiting a few months ago, and not feeling too great. He had been to the doctor that day, to have several potentially cancerous spots burned from the top of his head. I suggested he apply some of my new Healing Salve. Reluctantly, he agreed. He said the irritation went away almost immediately, and he called me a day later, quite excited. He told me the burns had healed almost completely, and thanked me for my “magic” salve.

Well, it’s not magic, but it’s something I’ve been perfecting for a couple of years now. The trick, I’ve discovered, is to get the natural ingredients in just the right proportion. That has taken lots of research, and frankly, lots more experimentation around the farm. Every time someone gets a scratch or a burn, I’ve tried a slightly different variation. And now I think I’ve got just the right healing balance.

At any rate, feel free to go through the same process yourself, if you have the time and inclination. While I’m not giving away my hard-earned proportions, here’s what my salve  contains: organically grown calendula, dried and infused in olive oil, along with comfrey, St. John’s Wort, plantain, burdock and other herbs.

If you’d rather just order some salve, I have few canisters left from this year’s harvest. It’s first-come, first-salve, so I order soon, or you may have to wait until the fall when I make some more–Carol (AKA The Herb Lady).

Here’s the STORE where you can order.


“While visiting my sister in Portland, I developed a serious rash on my thigh where my prosthetic leg attaches. It’s a problem I’ve been dealing with for years. She gave me some of the Power Farm Herbals healing salve to try. By the time I arrived back home, just three hours later, my rash had completely gone away. That’s the only salve that’s ever worked so quickly. Can I get some more, Please?!

Melanie S., Littleton, NH

“My daughter gave me some of the “Healing Salve “for a rash on my arm and it completely healed it—much better and more quickly than the very expensive prescription I had been using!”

D. Grass, Oakland, ME