Last of 7 classes for some of our “Seed to Stalk” herbal students with Katie and Carol at the “Powerfarm”

It is considered the Supreme Raysana in Ayurvedic
Ashwagandha Roots !!!
Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha Root harvesting !!!    Withania somnifera known in Ayurveda as the SUPREME RASAYANA: a  powerful  adaptogenic  herb that rejuvenates and restores one’s physical and mental energies! A big THANK YOU to all our herbalists who came to plant, nourish and harvest many medicinals over the summer.

Although the growing season nears the year’s end, our fall root harvest is just beginning with Ashwagandha, Astragulus, Burdock, Codonopsis, Dandelion, Elecampane, Eleuthero,Solomam’s Seal and more to dry,  for oils and teas or tinctures. So many wonderful herbs and such powerful medicine right here in our own back yard!!




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