Ahh, Spring is in the air– was until today’s storm covered all the beds with that white fluffy fertilizer again!                                                                                                     Waiting for back ordered organic medicinal seeds is frustrating so today I filled all my seed trays with organic Living Acres Light Mix, a compost based medium that has worked well for me for seed starting . My lights, timers,heat mats are ready to go on my metal 6 shelf rack 4’long x 18″deep x 6′ high with 2 4’long dbl flourescent lights hanging over each shelf! I added water to all the trays and I was so happy to actually play with dirt that I planted the few leftover seeds from last year: Ashwagandha, Althea, Anise hyssop, Codonopsis,Echinacea,Hyssop,Hypericum,Lavender,Nepata,Verbena and a few more.The flats are covered with a clear plastic dome and the lights will stay on for 14-16 hours per day and the trays are sprayed with a water mist each morning. Once the seedlings emerge, the covers will come off and the lights will be raised as the plants grow.Growing you own plants is definitely a labor of love and time commitment,but       “Oh, such lovely unadulterated medicine springs from these tiny seeds!! ”                                                Now I await the Postman!



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