Organic Tinctures for pain, cold, anxiety, more!!


GET 2 -ounce Organically grown and handcrafted medicinal herb tinctures

  $ 10.00 ea. Choose from any of our single herb tinctures or try our new DETOX blend  of Dandelion,Burdock,  and Yellow dock roots or try our”SERENITY”  blend of Holy basil, Lemon balm and Lavender, perfect for summertime stress!!

            Or try our NEW TASTY Summer TEAS!

“BREATHE EASY”  Great chilled on stifling humid days !                                                                                                     (Hyssop, Lemon verbena, Marshmallow leaf & flower, Mullein leaf and Holy basil)

                 “IMMUNE EASE” Great way to stay healthy while keeping up with all the summer activities.                                          {Calendula, Beebalm, Echinacea, Red clover and Peppermint.}