Spring Planting for Your Medicinal Garden

This is my procedure for starting my new medicinal plants!

Photo by yamagiwa2000

As the snow plummets down upon our gardens, I forage through the herbal seed catalogs deciding which seeds to start for this years medicinal gardens. Some to supplement the perennial beds
and annuals to start for fall harvesting.Each year there are more medicinal plants to grow as the herbal community increases along with local herbal knowledge and the need for these incredible healing plants!                                                                                Starting seeds is a time consuming, worthwhile process and  important to know that seeds do not all germinate in the same way. Some may need light, more warmth, less cover, longer times and  possibly scarification or stratification. Mountain Rose  has a great blog for seed starting: Growing a Medicinal Garden:How to Start Seeds.

Photo by rubel roy’s photography