“While visiting my sister in Portland, I developed a serious rash on my thigh where my prosthetic leg attaches. It’s a problem I’ve been dealing with for years. She gave me some of the Power Farm Herbals healing salve to try. By the time I arrived back home, just three hours later, my rash had completely gone away. That’s the only salve that’s ever worked so quickly. Can I get some more, Please?!

Melanie S., Littleton, NH

“I had pre-cancer spots burned off my head, and I was amazed at how quickly they healed using Carol’s ‘Healing Salve.’ It leaves my skin feeling soft and looking so much better!”

Wm. Steele, Yarmouth,ME

“My daughter gave me some of the “Healing Salve “for a rash on my arm and it completely healed it—much better and more quickly than the very expensive prescription I had been using!”

D. Grass, Oakland, ME

“I tried the soothing tea after a friend recommended it. Not only does it have a lot more flavor than anything I get in those little packets, I genuinely feel more relaxed after just one cup.”

Melissa P., Portland, ME