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With the  flu season upon us, it is time to think about our immune system being on high alert and how we can increase our resistance to those issues  that abound in the lack of sunshine, outdoor living and daily exercise.

Many herbs address these issues individually but blending  them into one tincture makes it so easy to stay ahead of all the issues facing you. For example., “SUNNY MOOD ” tincture addresses  stress,depression, insomnia and muscle pain and more ! This one tincture contains, St John’s wort, Lemon balm, Milky oats, Scullcap and Holy basil. What a wonderful way to keep healthy with a few drops per day in your tea,water or under your tongue. One bottle that packs so much healthy punch to your system.For the insomniac, the “SOOTHING SLEEP” tincture blend of  Lemon balm,Milky oats, Linden and Rose glycerite may be just what you need.  If you need just a restful blend , “Peaceful Heart” may be the one for you with Linden flowers, Holy Basil, Lemon balm,and Hawthorne leaf and flower or perhaps you need some digestive help from the “DIGESTIVE BITTERS” blend of Cardamon,Ginger,Fennel, Scullcap, Goldenseal, Turmeric, Orange peel,Lavender and Yarrow!

Any or all of theses are available in 2 ounce bottles for $10.00 ea +postage.


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